Equinox: The World of Balance

Equinox is a campaign setting created by Ed Novak for use in fiction and roleplaying games. It undermines traditional "good vs. evil" concept of fantasy, presenting a scenario where the constant fighting nearly unleashed the primal, elemental Chaos from which the world was made, leading the neutral god of nature to betray his brothers, steal their power, and enforce a brutal, militaristic brand of order.

Any of my players are more than welcome to poke around here and create their own content! I can only think of so much cool stuff to pack into the setting myself, you know. Particularly awesome contributions will earn you Wiki Points, since I can't actually pay you or anything.

First, some general information:

  • Timeline and Notable NPCs pages have been updated with information about the Blackrest and Epic Level campaigns. (09-12-09).
  • The Three Gods and Chaos have had information about their aspects added; these will eventually become the basis for Channel Divinity powers. (06-20-09)
  • The Kingdom of Marcia's history has been changed quite a bit, making the kingdom quite a bit older and more sympathetic (06-01-09).
  • This site hasn't been updated much since the release of 4th Edition, but the campaign setting is getting rolled out again by a new group. Updates will be forthcoming.
  • If you're creating a new character, be sure to check the Races of Gardrun and Monstrous Races pages, as I've tweaked a few of the races to make them more playable. Any suggestions to further balance these changes are always welcome.
  • Be sure to check the Recent Changes page to see what's been added/editted lately.
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